February 2016

28 - 30 February

Montalto Sculpture Prize

The 2016 Montalto Sculpture Prize is now open and the Exhibition of Finalists is on daily 11-5, from now until the end of October.

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October 2016

21 October

October Books and Ideas at Montalto: Bruce Pascoe (SOLD OUT)

Myths about the lives of pre-colonial Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have proven deeply entrenched. But in his 2014 book Dark Emu, Bruce Pascoe struck a grievous blow to one of the most widely accepted assumptions of Australian pre-settlement history.

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November 2016

18 November

November Books and Ideas at Montalto: Stephanie Alexander

If there’s one thing that can rival Stephanie Alexander’s enthusiasm for food and cooking, it’s her delight in good conversation.

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