May 2017

19 May

May Books & Ideas with The Wheeler Centre: David Marr (SOLD OUT)

In previous Quarterly Essays, David Marr has turned his merciless pen to powerful men of the establishment: George Pell, Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten. In his new biographical essay, however, Marr’s subject is a self-styled populist outlier and a woman: Pauline Hanson.

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June 2017

11 June

THE WINEMAKER’S PHILOSOPHY: three winemakers, four courses, 12 wines

Art or science? In truth, winemaking demands a command of both. Science sets the parameters, but there remains ample space for creativity. So is it creative flair or technical prowess that separates the best winemakers from their peers?

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12 June

2015 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir release premium tasting

Set in our private Wine Room, this is a rare opportunity to sample our new release 2015 Single Vineyard Pinot Noirs together with their 2012 counterparts from the cellar.

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16 June

June Books & Ideas with The Wheeler Centre: Jane Harper (SOLD OUT)

Set in a rural farming community, Jane Harper’s debut novel, The Dry, is a tightly-spun and suspenseful thriller. It tells the story of a Federal Police investigator who returns to his hometown after two decades of urban exile – tasked with examining the apparent murder-suicide of his childhood friend’s family. As he works his way through the drought-stricken settlement, a horrific truth begins to reveal itself.

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July 2017

21 July

July Books & Ideas with The Wheeler Centre: Judy Horacek

If you like your cartoon hairstyles sharp and your comic observations sharper, Judy Horacek is your cartoonist. One of Australia’s most successful cartoonists (and one of our few female professionals in the business), her work ranges from wry political commentary to children’s picture books.

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