February 2016

28 - 30 February

Montalto Sculpture Prize

The 2016 Montalto Sculpture Prize is now open and the Exhibition of Finalists is on daily 11-5, from now until the end of October.

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September 2016

30 September

September Books and Ideas at Montalto: Hannah Kent (SOLD OUT)

Since 2013, with the international success of her debut novel, Burial Rites, Hannah Kent’s name is often mentioned in the same breath as that of Hilary Mantel or Geraldine Brooks; masters of literary historical fiction.

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October 2016

09 October

Awakening – Montalto Celebrates Spring

Spring is a time of Awakening, as we look towards the light and the growing season ahead.  The ground is warming, the plants are pushing through the ground.  The olives are cured and succulent lamb is on the menu. Our summer wines are ready for the tasting.  It's time to celebrate.

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21 October

October Books and Ideas at Montalto: Bruce Pascoe (SOLD OUT)

Myths about the lives of pre-colonial Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have proven deeply entrenched. But in his 2014 book Dark Emu, Bruce Pascoe struck a grievous blow to one of the most widely accepted assumptions of Australian pre-settlement history.

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