James Parrett

‘M TwentyFour’
316 marine grade stainless steel
398 x 373 x 144cm

MSP Prize winner 2016

“Like all of my work, 'M-twentyfour' is inspired by the aesthetic potential of the circular form and what can be achieved through the dissection and reconfiguration of radial arcs. Specifically with this work, the focal point is the cross section between the two main arcs and how they can create tension and movement. 

I have also been exploring the ocean, the waves and the power and peace within them, and this is prevalent in 'M-twentyfour'. 

What I desire most of all in my practice is a gradual aesthetic evolution.” James Parrett

Website: https://www.jamesparrett.com

Bio/CV: https://www.jamesparrett.com/about-me/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sculpturebyjamesparrett/