Fredrick White


Aluminium pipe

440 x 80 x 70cm


MSP Prize winner 2013

A visual experience of balance, tension and movement. The eye can follow the pipe structure through a speedy and playful, magnetic dance that hovers over the earth and momentarily escapes gravitational forces to fly into the air in sharp energetic wing like shapes or a solar flare.

'Abundance' has a clear relationship to the earth in form and material. In the finished work there is no base plate thus the pipes become a single flow lightly touching the ground, an endless loop in which no energy is lost.

The title Abundance relates directly to the material used - aluminium, which comprises no less than 8% of our planets crust and the third most abundant element known to mankind.

This work is a continuation of the artist's objective to bring forth a teaching about connection to the earth and more widely in this instance to the universe.

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