Introducing Montalto Gin Batch Two

The response to Batch One was immediate and overwhelming and it quickly sold out both onsite and online! We vowed there and then, that there would definitely be a Batch Two.

Fast forward to 2022…


Recently, key members of the Montalto team met with the team at Bass & Flinders Distillery to share a very special blending session with Holly Klintworth (Second Generation Distiller from Bass & Flinders Distillery). The aim: to create another unique, limited edition, handmade gin highlighting the incredible ingredients found throughout Wendy’s Garden.

“We love creating new gin blends with Montalto as it gives us an opportunity to work with the seasons - using local produce from their own garden. Welcoming the team back to work on the second release together was such a wonderful experience, with Julie Bennett able to provide her unmatched knowledge and understanding of their estate gardens, which gave us all a deeper understanding of the different botanical profiles we were working with. With our combined knowledge, and such a beautiful array of locally harvested produce to work with, it was really something special to see the deep connection between the gin itself, and their property, born of these heirloom varietals, come together to create such an exceptional end product.” ~ Holly Klintworth, Bass & Flinders Distillery.

“Being invited to present ingredients from Wendy’s Garden for Batch Two, as well as being part of the blending session, was an unforgettable experience. Knowing that even more people will get to enjoy our estate-grown elements - this time in gin - makes me so proud and happy.” ~ Julie Bennett, Produce Manager, Montalto.

After much discussion and deliberation, the botanicals were finalised to create the perfect expression of Montalto. The result is an exquisite limited edition, handmade gin featuring Geraldton wax, rhubarb, and lemon balm (from our estate in Red Hill), along with juniper berries, cassis bark, lemon myrtle, lime and pink peppercorn.

“It was fabulous taking a break from wine to work with a variety of the Montalto team creating a gin blend showcasing the wonderful estate gardens.  It turns out, much like wine, creating a gin is all about piecing together the jigsaw to create a seamless product. However, instead of playing with oak levels and wine batches, you get individual botanicals within a vast range of aromatics. The result is a beautiful, refreshing (and let’s not forget gorgeous pink!) gin that will definitely hit the spot with a hint of tonic and lemon.”  ~ Hannah File, Winemaker, Montalto.

We definitely recommend Montalto Gin Batch Two in a simple, refreshing gin and tonic so you can really taste the distinctive flavours of the Montalto estate. But really, it’s the perfect gin for any time, any way you like it.

Montalto Gin Batch Two is now available to enjoy onsite in The Piazza, The Restaurant and in The Cellar Door. A limited number of bottles are available to purchase both from The Cellar Door and online via the Montalto website, for a limited time, we’ll also include 2 x 200ml cans of Fever Tree Tonic Water, so you can re-create our signature Montalto Gin & Tonic at home.

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