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We want everyone who visits us to feel rewarded for the time shared. This philosophy extends to everything we do.

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We make Mornington Peninsula wines with real character, from six vineyards across the peninsula. A range of vineyard sites is the key, it gives us great natural diversity of fruit and wine style and that’s important in making interesting and complex wines.
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We love food at Montalto, we love growing it and we love making it.

We have such a magical, fertile site for growing, it makes sense to make the best use of it that we can.
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First (Wine) Sunday – Food and wine matching 3 August

New world wines can be wonderfully expressive with fresh fruit flavours, but it’s the savoury style of European wines that often works best with food. We know about duck and Pinot, so let’s take it further matching intensity and richness, flavours and textures. Sometimes it’s the contrasts that work.

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Scallop Diving in Port Phillip Bay

Scuba diving for scallops in Port Phillip Bay has given me a renewed appreciation for

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Working In A Winery In Portugal

Douro valley; remote, hot, ridiculously dry, absolutely stunning and I was fortunate enough to go

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