slippery jack, forage, mushroom

The mushrooming season has just begun here in the Mornington Peninsula.

A few mills of rain and a couple of cool nights and the first slippery jacks of the season have arrived in our kitchen, foraged from the pine forests nearby.

Wendy and Head Chef Martin have been on the lookout for a couple of week’s now, and suspected this morning would be ideal for picking after yesterday’s rain. 

By lunchtime their morning haul was cleaned, cooked and the appearing as a Slippery Jack Pizza on the Piazza specials list.

Martin is now working on an appetiser for the dining room to appear on the restaurant menu soon.

Slippery jacks signal the start of the three month mushrooming season on the Mornington Peninsula, with the pine mushrooms and field mushrooms following later in the year. 

The Slippery Jacks appear straight after rain, and both Wendy and Martin recommend picking the smaller ones and using them straight away.

Like most foragers they keep their secret spots just that, a closely guarded secret. But Martin is prepared to offer a couple of small tips:

Look for them at the edge of a pine forrest where the needles meet a grassed area. 

He also recommends wearing gloves as the oil from our skin is bad for the mushroom. 

And most importantly, only forage if you know what you’re after. There is plenty of poisonous fungi out their too.

Or, if you prefer, let us do the foraging and drop by to sample a Slippery Jack Pizza.