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Date: 15 September

As the long-running and trusted ‘Brain Food’ columnist for Fairfax, Richard Cornish tackles food and cooking questions from readers around Australia.

Richard Cornish 2017

He responds to practical queries (‘How much is an American ‘stick of butter’?), experimental queries (‘Can I make mayonnaise using the juice from a jar of pickled cucumbers?), scientific queries (‘What is the difference between taste and flavour?’) and even paranormal queries (‘My grandmother claimed she could “hear” when her cakes were ready. Is there any science in this?’)

Richard’s blend of humour and warmth and his broad knowledge of culinary culture are reflected not just in his ‘Brain Food’ columns, but in his journalism and recipe books. He is the author of My Year Without Meat, about his experiment in vegetarianism, and he’s the co-author of several recipe books, with chefs Frank Camorra and Phillippa Grogan.

Over fabulous food and wine at Montalto, Richard will discuss his new book, a collection of his ‘Brain Food’ columns, and his career writing about food and culinary culture with the Wheeler Centre’s Head of Programming Emily Sexton.

7.00pm – 9.00pm

Tickets: $70, plus 30c booking fee, inclusive of food; wine charged on consumption.