Point Nepean (flickr: Robyn Cox)

Stu’s a veteran of our cellar door, with ten years service he’s tasted more Montalto vintages than most. He’s also got to know the peninsula pretty well in that time, regularly playing tour guide when his family and friends visit from the U.S.

One of my favourite things to do with my family and overseas guests is to visit Point Nepean Fort. The fort is a rich part of Australian history with the first shots of WW1 being fired from here at a German cargo ship.

The fort is also home to the quarantine station where some of the first settlers to Victoria passed through. You can walk through the fort and explore the many concrete gun bunkers that were built in order to thwart an enemy invasion.

The park also offers excellent road and track access for bike journeys as well. The bay side of the fort offers an easy walk along the beach starting at the historic cemetery located just past the quarantine station.

Our Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared off Cheviot beach in Bass Strait, which can be viewed at one of the bunkers.

I would suggest a good half-day to explore and the best thing is that being a state park entrance is free. A great day out for all ages.