A back beack in Rye

Our finance manager Chantelle knows the value of time and money, she doesn’t waste either. So if you want to make the most out of every second during a visit to the Mornington Peninsula, just follow Chantelle’s tips.

I love it when everything comes together to give you the perfect Peninsula day, that’s when I become a tourist in my own town.

In the summer it might be when there is no wind and you can take the boat out on the bay, follow the coastline and pull into a deserted Portsea beach.

About five times a year the tide is just perfect along the Rye back beach and it reveals hundreds of tidal pools that you can swim in.

In the late autumn it will be that day where the afternoons become long and brisk and a winery is calling you for a late afternoon glass of Pinot and a small tasting platter.

I really love winter on the Peninsula too. It’s less crowded and more intimate. You can walk for miles at my local back beach and not bump into a single person.

You can actually get a car park in Sorrento and I like to check out the eclectic Saltwater Trading or the clothing shops.  I never leave without having purchased one small thing for me!

Then finally in the spring it stops raining and you want to get back outside again. We go for walks to Baldrys Crossing or coastal walks along the St Andrews back beaches and more recently riding our bikes out to Point Nepean.

It is on those days that I count myself so lucky to live here. I really couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!