Cider is something we’ve been interested in for some time, and every year in late autumn the orchard is laden with a range of beautiful apples. Our chefs use them in the restaurant and piazza cafe, but there’s always a point in the season when we just cant use them fast enough.

This year we decided to pick all remaining apples- more than half a tonne –  to produce our first batch of cider. What a great feeling, not a single apple wasted.

Our local friends at Del Grosso’s juiced the apples for us and then the winemaking team set about making cider for the first time. It’s quite different to making wine as all the different apple varieties vary in sugar and acid content as well as flavour, and this has a major impact on the style and alcohol content.

We think this first batch is pretty tasty, come and try it for the first time at MONTALTO ABUNDANCE – our celebration of the olive harvest on 6 & 7 July.


Written by Anthony Jones