Something a little different for the blog this month! The Montalto Sculpture Exhibition is now on until 28 April, and there is no one better to talk scultpure than...

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Working In A Winery In Portugal


Douro valley; remote, hot, ridiculously dry, absolutely stunning and I was fortunate enough to go back to experience a second harvest there. Vastly different to the peninsula, vines are...

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Scallop Diving in Port Phillip Bay

scallop 1

Scuba diving for scallops in Port Phillip Bay has given me a renewed appreciation for this precious natural resource. I didn’t know that in 1963 the scallop fishery began...

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garden nettle risotto with tuna carpaccio by barry davis

I was inspired to meet the students and staff from Mission Australia’s restaurant Charcoal Lane back in October.  Together we looked around the kitchen gardens here at Montalto and...

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Pinot Noir Grading


Our first serious look at 2012 pinot’s was so exciting. Just looking at the line up it was immediately clear that this is a year for deep colours in...

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Great wine is made, or lost, in the vineyard. Ultimately, I’m looking to create wines with balance that encompass complexity, concentration and finesse with the potential for longevity. It...

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