February 2016

28 - 30 February

Montalto Sculpture Prize

The 2016 Montalto Sculpture Prize is now open and the Exhibition of Finalists is on daily 11-5, from now until the end of October.

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June 2016

17 June

June Books and Ideas with The Wheeler Centre

Romantic love is the subject of squillions of songs, sonnets and stories. Is there a single new thing to say about it? If Shakespeare was growing weary of the clichés back in the 1600s (‘My mistress’s eyes are nothing like the sun’), where does that leave writers striving to write fresh romance in the 21st century?

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July 2016

22 July

July Books and Ideas with The Wheeler Centre (SOLD OUT)

In a media environment crowded with polemicists and opinionators, George Megalogenis is something of an outlier. His commentary is relentlessly, rigorously – and somehow compellingly – even-handed.

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August 2016

19 August

August Books and Ideas with The Wheeler Centre

A writer of novels, short fiction and essays, Mireille Juchau has quietly emerged as one of Australia’s most accomplished literary voices.

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